Bloi is an ecological and ethical fashion brand: clothing manufactured in Barcelona with ecological fabrics and utilizing ethical production processes.

Bloi was the dream of designer Núria Ballana, who wished to create sustainable and functional fashion so that everyone can dress well without jeopardizing the environment. It is clothing that makes you feel good, modern and accessible, created especially for those individuals who are committed to doing their part to create a better future.

We are ecological

Because we use certified organic fibres that are obtained from environmentally responsible production processes. In other words, we do not use chemical products that damage our environment and our health.

We are ethical
Because we use socially responsible production processes; that is, the workers participating in our raw materials collection, fabric production and garment creation processes work under fair labour practices.

Our philosophy
At Bloi, we create and produce clothing under the premise that products can be manufactured without destroying our environment and under fair labour conditions.

At Bloi, we believe that it is possible to have a company and sell clothing to the entire world without jeopardizing the people or the environment.

Our goal
Our goal is to make ecological fashion more accessible and to demonstrate that things can be done in a different way.

And you, do you dare to take the first step towards creating a better tomorrow?  Join Bloi; join the world of ecological fashion.